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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.22.23

March 23, 2023 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
AEW Dynamite Kenny Omega Hangman Page Image Credit: AEW
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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.22.23  

AEW Dynamite

March 22nd, 2023 | Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, Missouri

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to review some Dynamite, so let’s see how this goes.

We opened with Hangman Page and Kenny Omega being worried about the Young Bucks, who were attacked before the show began and loaded into ambulances. Hangman went with Nick to the hospital as Don Callis headed back inside with Kenny.

The Butcher, The Blade and Kip Sabian (Trios debut) vs. Darby Allin (6-1 in 2023), Orange Cassidy (7-0 in 2023) and Sting (0-0 in 2023)

The ropes are red, white, and blue which makes for a different look/vibe. OC had the laziest attempt at face paint to match up with his partners. OH HELLO PENELOPE FORD. Props to AEW for showing a quick clip from their house show and even had a backstage attack there to set this up. For the most part, the action here was pretty basic with everyone kind of getting in their signature stuff with Sting getting the biggest pops. They worked through a commercial and Cassidy got isolated by trios moves from the heels. Sabian made the mistake of taunting too much, allowing Sting to get the hot tag. Sting did OC style lazy offense before applying the Scorpion Death Lock and no selling some attacks by the Butcher and the Blade. Bald Butcher isn’t as fun as him having the long hair. The heels got fought off and Sting beat Sabian with the Scorpion Death Drop in 11:15. The typical fun Sting tag. [**¾]

Post-match, OC gave Sting shades and Darby stared at the Double or Nothing banner in the rafters. That led us to a video package recapping the Bar Mitzvah segment last week and how the “pillars” want a shot at MJF. JB, MJF, Darby, and Sammy. ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS.

A video package aired to hype Omega vs. Vikingo.

Commentary received a text suggesting that the Blackpool Combat Club attacked the Bucks.

AEW Tag Team Championship: The Gunns [c] (4-0 in 2023) vs. Top Flight (7-2 in 2023)

Top Flight should’ve been in the PPV title match or at least atop the ROH division. The Gunns also shouldn’t really be champs. Since it’s the Gunns, there wasn’t much to this match. They played the smarmy heels while Top Flight impressed with their aerial offense and impressive moves. Darius got a shining stretch with a German suplex and Spanish Fly. I loved that because we all know what Dante can do, so I like seeing more from Darius who has been unfortunately hampered by injuries. The Kingdom eventually ran out to jump Darius. Dante took them out but that left him open to fall to the Gunns’ 3:10 to Yuma finisher in 7:05. That was largely fine and nothing more. [**¼]

After the bell, FTR came out wanting a title shot. The Gunns declined so FTR offered their AEW career as a team. The champs still declined so FTR said they would be leave AEW for good if they lose and the Gunns accepted.

Mark Sterling issued a cease and desist on Taya Valkyrie for using Jaded. So, wait. Jade Cargill is back to working with him? Anyway, they also say the open challenge gimmick is over so Taya doesn’t get a shot but she’ll face Leila Grey.

No Disqualifications Match: Hook (23-0) vs. Stokely Hathaway (0-0)

Stokely’s Nation of Domination style gear was great. Stokely is so good. Stokely said he wasn’t medically cleared to compete and was retiring. He thanked his 12 fans and had a doctor’s note that was actually a Wingstop receipt. Once this started, Hathaway attempted to run but got caught and Hook beat his ass with a chair before doing a suplex onto the guardrail and winning with Redrum in 3:07. Not really a match to rate but it did exactly what it needed to, was entertaining, and didn’t overstay its welcome. [NR]

Backstage, Matt Hardy told Ethan Page that he is the guy who can beat Hook.

It was now time to hear from Adam Cole, who is gearing up for his return next week. He brought up the question of who his opponent will be and he was immediately cut off by Daniel Garcia. He mocked the “ready for story time” thing and listed off who he has beaten while Cole was playing games on Twitch. He nearly called himself a wrestler but changed to sports entertainer and asked what makes Cole special. He pulled out his old “they ring the bell” thing that he used to eviscerate Karrion Kross in NXT. Cole ran down the company Garcia keeps and accepted the challenge for next week.

In the back, Don Callis argued with Kenny Omega about what happened to the Bucks. Kenny wants to be with his friends but Don told him to focus up and that their injuries might be good for him since he’s back in singles action.

Jon Moxley (69-8-1) vs. Stu Grayson (0-0 in 2023)

It’s cool to have Grayson back. This was an interesting match because you know Moxley was never in any danger of losing but he also did a really good job of making sure that Grayson felt like someone who was tough to beat. Grayson held up well early on but got sent into the guardrail heading into commercial and took a beating from there. He fired up a bit after and got in some offense but on defense, he refused to give in to the point where Moxley had to resort to a top rope Death Rider to win in 10:02. That was good and did well to make sure Grayson came off in an impressive way. Dark Order immediately surrounded Grayson to protect him from a post-match attack. [***]

Renee Paquette interviewed Ricky Starks who challenged Juice Robinson for Rampage so they can stop with all of the nonsense talking.

This Saturday, Penta El Zero Miedo answers Powerhouse Hobbs’ open challenge. Why does everyone in this company have one of those?

Skye Blue (6-3 in 2023) vs. Toni Storm (21-6)

Remember when Toni was over as the fighting babyface champion and now she’s in a stable that is consistently not clicking? Toni was quick on the offensive and overwhelmed Skye from the start. She also got help from her Outcasts partners outside complete with Saraya shouting “THIS IS OUR HOUSE.” I wish she had a new line to deliver. Toni missed a chop outside and hit the ring post but it didn’t play much into the story as she remained in control. Skye rallied after the commercial with a cross body and flying headscissors. Alas, the Outcasts did some distracting and Toni beat her with Storm Zero in 8:13. That was fine enough. People talk about WWE booking dumb faces but faces are stupid everywhere. Why wouldn’t Skye Blue have friends at ringside to combat the Outcasts? Or why wouldn’t they show up halfway through the match? [**½]

Willow Nightingale and Riho showed up after the match to run off the heels.


  • Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Penta El Zero Miedo
  • Taya Valkyrie vs. Leila Grey
  • Brody King vs. Jake Hager
  • Will Juice Robinson answer Ricky Starks’ challenge?
  • The Acclaimed vs. The Kingdom



  • Adam Cole vs. Daniel Garcia


Backstage, the Blackpool Combat Club jumped Stu Grayson.

El Hijo Del Vikingo (0-0) vs. Kenny Omega (14-0-1 on Dynamite)

They were supposed to meet a while back for the AAA Title but Omega got hurt. Vikingo took out Omega with a dive before the bell and added another soon after. The two traded blows before the bell even rang, giving this an intense feel. Vikingo kept busting out absurd aerial moves like a springboard 450 splash in the opening stages. A table got brought into play but wasn’t used before a commercial break. Upon return, they battled on the apron leading to a fun monkey flip and a ridiculous somersault rana by Vikingo that brought the crowd to its feet. That was kind of the entire match. Them doing absurd shit to make the crowd lose their minds and it worked. The Bret’s rope springboard Phoenix Splash deserves more love. The big spot obviously came when Vikingo did his springboard 630 to the outside through a table. It’s the kind of thing that blows you away the first time you see it and remains impressive each time after. Omega survived some more offense inside before winning with the One Winged Angel at the 16:53 mark. An absolute spectacle that was everything it needed to be. People were wowed by Vikingo, we got Kenny in singles action again, and this was just a blast. [****¼]

Tony Schiavone spoke with Omega after the bell but he was quickly attacked by the Blackpool Combat Club, basically confirming that they attacked Grayson earlier. Hangman Page returned in the ambulance with a weapon and he was able to send the BCC packing. Callis checked on Kenny and went to Page who wasn’t sure to how to react. Callis did a huge fake fall to make Kenny think Hangman hit him leaving us with more drama on “As The Elite Turns.” “The Elite and the Reckless?” Eh, one of those.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This felt like a return to form for AEW after some up and down weeks. The main event is the obvious stand out and while a lot of the other matches weren’t great, it made for an easy to watch two-hour show that had an overarching story with the BCC and some entertaining segments.

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