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RETRO REPOST: Tremendous Tirades: WWF Monday Night Raw (1.11.93)

August 30, 2010 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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RETRO REPOST: Tremendous Tirades: WWF Monday Night Raw (1.11.93)  

The First Monday Night Raw
Date: January 11th, 1993
Location: Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center
Announcers: Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlett and Randy “Macho Man” Savage
Ticket Price: $12.00

-Sean Mooney is outside, telling us that the scene was crazy and that the place is full. Heenan is here, and Mooney says Rob Bartlett replaced him. Heenan says he has to be there because HE IS BOBBY HEENAN! You’re damn right he is.

-Vince welcomes us, and Savage’s Macho Tux is tremendous. They hype the card and we’ll head to the opening match.

Koko B. Ware vs. Yokozuna w/Master Fuji

Ware is sporting his High Energy baggy pants~! Yokozuna does the salt tossing and has the chicks give him flowers. Yokozuna does his little sumo dance, Ware claps and gets the crowd into it and they lock up, which is a mistake because Yokozuna tosses him down. Lock up and Ware tossed back to the corner again. Ware tries a shoulder block and hits a wall. He tries another and more of the same. Standing dropkicks by Ware connect, he tries cross body but Yokozuna sidesteps him and Ware stun guns himself. A BIG leg drop by Yokozuna connects. He slams Ware to the corner and gets the giant running ass ram. The BANZAI DROP finishes it. Savage even calls it a squash.

Winner: Yokozuna @ 3:44 via pin

  • Yokozuna gets a good squash en route to the Royal Rumble.
    Rating: *

    -We get a clip of Jim Ross saying that Raw going Prime Time was revolutionary for the business, especially since Turner felt they needed to compete.

    -We see the Raw ring girl strut around the ring.

    -We go to Bobby Heenen in a pre-taped interview, discussing the Narcissist and running down Mr. Perfect. Heenan says that there is only room for the Narcissist, and he will take Mr. Perfect out because there has never been a being or creation like the Narcissist. He will be reveled at the Royal Rumble.

    The Steiner Brothers vs. The Executioners

    Scott to begin. Lock up and a takedown by Scott. Off the ropes and a tilt a whirl back breaker connects. Tag to Rick, as we see Doink in the crowd. Lock up and rights by Rick. To the corner, rights by an Executioner, off the ropes and the Executioner falls into the ropes. Oops. Off the ropes and a Steiner Line connects. Rick slams him into the corner and the Executioner falls to the floor. Scott then slams both of them together, as Executioner back in and a powerslam by Rick. Tag to Scott, off the ropes and an overhead belly to belly by Scott. Tag to the other Executioner, Scott beats him down and gets a double under hook suplex. Doomsday Bulldog finishes it.

    Winners: The Steiner Brothers @ 3:00 via pin

  • Dear God the Steiner’s were awesome. A fun squash.
    Rating: *½

    -Sean Mooney is outside and a “woman” is trying to get into Raw. “She” is Bartlett’s aunt, but it is revealed to be Bobby Heenan! Ha!

    -We get clips of Edge discussing Raw, and how cool it was to look forward to wrestling on Monday’s.

    ~Razor Ramon Interview~
    Vince conducts the interview. Razor will be challenging Bret Hart for the WWF Title. Razor says he was born ready, and it truly is a golden opportunity, because he is all about gold. Vince says it took Bret 8-years to become champion, and Razor is a new comer. Razor says he is the man in the WWF, but say hello to Razor Razor. 8-months and he caught Hart. He is #1. Vince asks why he attacked Owen Hart, and we see clips of the attacks while Razor explains why he squashed him, it was fun. And there is nothing Bret can do about it. Bret may want to do something, but he won’t be able to do anything. And there is nothing he can do about Razor winning the title at the Rumble.

    -Tatanka says his people speak to the spirits, and hypes the Headlock for Hunger.

    IC TITLE MATCH: Max Moon vs. Shawn Michaels

    Moon is Paul Diamond, taking over for Konnan who bailed on the gimmick, which was designed for him. An arm drag by HBK to begin. Lock up, elbow by HBK and after some reversals a Japanese arm drag by Moon. A slam and HBK backs off. Off the ropes and Moon avoids an elbow and then gets a hammerlock takedown. He works the arm, rolls HBK and gets a cover for 2.

    Commercial Cut with HBK discussing the importance of Raw and being on the show.

    Back from the cut with HBK taking Moon to the corner, Irish whip and HBK misses a corner charge. HBK slams Moon to the corner, and then HBK gets a stun gun on Moon. HBK lays the boots to Moon, off the ropes and a dropkick by HBK connects. Off the ropes and HBK controls. Doink is out again at ringside. Mon manages a roll up for a close 2. Rights by HBK, a slam to the corner and an Irish whip and Moon hits hard and drops. HBK says he breaks hearts and then drops rights onto Moon. Small package by Moon gets 2. Off the ropes and a back elbow by HBK gets cover for 2. Headlock applied by HBK, Moon escapes and gets a catapult, sending HBK to the floor. Moon gets a seated senton off of the apron to HBK. Back in the ring and uppercuts by Moon. An Irish whip and a spinning leg lariat by Moon. Kamikaze roll by Moon gets 2. Slam by Moon, misses a running senton and then eats a super kick. HBKL then gets the teardrop suplex for the win.

    Winner: HBK @ 8:11 via pin

  • A fun little match, I always liked Paul Diamond and felt that he and Pat Tanaka never got a good run as a tag team, which is a shame because they ruled as Badd Company.
    Rating: **

    -HHH now discussed the importance of Raw and how it changed the business and the presentation of sports as a whole.

    -Mean Gene gives us a Royal Rumble report. HBK will defend the IC Title against Jannetty, and Sherri will be at ringside. HBK and Jannetty cut promos proclaiming that they will both leave with the title and Sherri. Flair, Tatanka, IRS, Backlund, Lawler, Mr. Perfect, Dibiase, Crush, Martel, Yokozuna will all be in the Rumble. Perfect cuts a promo, saying that he is indeed perfect and will win the Rumble. Yoko and Fuji cut a promo, he will dominate the Rumble. Savage Papa Shango, Earthquake, The Undertaker, Carlos Colon, Tenru, Santana, Typhoon, Samu, Fatu and Duggan will also be in the Rumble. Hacksaw cuts a promo saying the Rumble is his kind of match. He promises to give 110%. The winner will get a title shot at WrestleMania IX. Gene hypes Ramon vs. Hart for the WWF Title.

    -Sean Mooney is outside, and Heenan dressed as a Rabbi tries to get into the Raw. I love Heenan!

    -Foley says that Cable was never thought of as the vehicle to push wrestling like Raw would do.

    -We see clips of Kamala from Superstars. Kimchee and Wimpleman push him around and SLICK rushes to the ring and puts a stop to that. They attack Slick, and this angers Kamala and he takes out his former handlers.

    The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. Damian Demento

    Taker and Demento stand off, rights by Demento to no effect. Off the ropes and Taker slams him down. Slam to the corner by Taker, wristlock and Taker goes old school, which was new school at the time. A slam to the corner, choke by Taker and then an Irish whip and boot by Demento. 2nd rope ax smash by Demento, and then a shoulder block off the ropes. Sit up by Taker, off the ropes and the big clothesline, which was more of a tackle by Taker. Tombstone and that is all.

    Winner: The Undertaker @ 2:20 via pin

  • A squash for Taker to put an end to the first episode of Raw
    Rating: *

    -Vince felt that is would be something special, and the live audience told them that they were doing something right.

    -Vince is with Doink and he discusses his feud with Crush. It isn’t his fault that children cry. Crush is out and tells Doink to shut up, because he gave him a warning. If he continues to play his jokes, he’ll put his legs and arms inst casts. Crush chases Doink around and then stands in the ring.

    -Mooney is with Heenan and says Heenan is now allowed in…since the show is over.

    Dark Match Results:
    * Bob Backlund defeated Damien Damento by DQ
    * Cheetah (Rocco Rock) pinned Johnny Rotten (Johnny Grunge)
    * Crush defeated Bam Bam Bigelow by DQ

    WWF Mania Match:
    * Yokozuna pinned Jimmy Powers

  • The 411: In all honesty when you look back it isn’t a great show. There wasn't really any good wrestling, Rob Bartlett sucked, we got mostly squash matches, but I will say that they did a lot of hype for the Rumble. But in hindsight this was the beginning of great things, even if they didn’t come right away. I do not think that this is a must see show on terms of quality, but it is a must see/must own for historical purposes.
    Final Score:  5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend

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