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Rob Gronkowski Reportedly Exercised Release Clause for WWE Contract

June 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Rob Gronkowski RAW Image Credit: WWE

– During last night’s episode of Raw, NFL player Rob Gronkowski appeared and lost the WWE 24/7 title to R-Truth while he was trying to film a dance video for TikTok that looked like the Macarena, which he was hoping would go viral. Instead, R-Truth, who was disguised as a gardener, snuck up on “Robin Gronk” and rolled him up to regain the belt. WrestlingInc.com has an update on WWE came to terms on Rob Gronkowski ended his short-lived wrestling career in order to return to the NFL after he was signed by the Buccaneers.

In March, The Wrap reported that WWE had signed Gronkowski after he had seemingly retired from his NFL career. WrestlingInc.com reports that after he signed in March, Gronkowski was expected to work a match later this year at Summerslam, but that planned matchup will no longer be taking place.

A source close to the situation claims that Gronkowski had a release clause in his WWE contract that he used in order to return to the NFL. The report notes that while Gronkowski might still make future appearances for WWE, he won’t be wrestling for them anytime soon.

Also, under his WWE release clause, Gronkowski is not allowed to work for another wrestling company for a set period of time following his release.

Dave Meltzer also addressed Gronkowski’s release on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, who also states that Gronkowski was originally scheduled to work some type of match at Summerslam. However, Meltzer noted that before Gronkowski opted to return to the NFL, his WWE contract included working the end of the year show in Saudi Arabia. After Gronkowski signed his new NFL contract with the Buccaneers, it stated he’d not be allowed to work any wrestling matches.

Meltzer added that it was a “mutual release” between Gronkowski and WWE. As a result, Gronkowski is no longer under contract with WWE.

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