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Zilla Fatu Says He “Didn’t Connect” with Booker T’s Vision at Reality of Wrestling

September 19, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Zilla Fatu Reality of Wrestling Image Credit: Reality of Wrestling

Speaking recently with Apples & Grapes, Zilla Fatu offered an explanation regarding his exit from Reality of Wrestling (per Fightful). Fatu maintained he held no beef with Booker T as part of his departure, citing differences in philosophy and goals for the rationale behind his leaving the promotion earlier this month. You can find a few highlights from Fatu and watch the complete interview below.

On leaving Reality of Wrestling on amicable terms: “It’s all love. It’s all respect. I still want to see Booker T and his school thrive. For me, it was just my vision was different. Me and Book, we already had a conversation and some things can’t work. My vision and his vision, what he had lined up, it just didn’t connect. We parted ways, respectfully, we’re still on good terms. It’s not like, ‘I don’t want to see you win no more.’ It’s all love. I have to go this way, he has to go this way. Everybody has to understand that everybody has different ways to the top. That’s all I can speak on that. I still want to see them win. Shoutout to Book, shoutout to Reality of Wrestling, if you’re in Houston, go tap in with them. I appreciate Book and everything his school did for me. I’m so grateful for the trainers and individuals that are over there. It was definitely a friendly and structured environment. His vision and my vision just didn’t line up and mesh together. I’m doing my own thing, one day at a time.”

On his view of Booker T: “He’s a legend. He’s been doing this longer than I’ve been alive. On a personal note, he was close to my pops. Reality of Wrestling, that’s where the Usos started. My pops didn’t have no other school in mind other than Reality of Wrestling, for them to go to. He didn’t have another school in mind. He had Reality of Wrestling set for them. Booker has been tied in with my family for a long time. It kind of sucked to part ways because of that. You never want to bring personal relationships and business together. I found that out the wrong way. Love and respect for him, I still want to see them win. I’m just doing my own thing, enjoying the process. No hate in my heart towards him or anybody. There is a lot of money and opportunities.”