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Csonka’s WWE UK Title Tournament 2018 Night Two Review 6.26.18

June 26, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE UK Title Tournament 2018 Night Three
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Csonka’s WWE UK Title Tournament 2018 Night Two Review 6.26.18  

Csonka’s WWE UK Title Tournament 2018 Night Two Review 6.26.18

NXT Tag Team Title Match: Tyler Bate & Trent Seven defeated Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly to become new champions @ 11:50 via pin [****]
– Charlie Morgan defeated Killer Kelly @ 7:05 via pin [**½]
UK Title #1 Contender’s Match: Noam Dar defeated Flash Morgan Webster, Travis Banks, and Mark Andrews @ 9:00 via pin [***½]
NXT North American Title Match: Champion Adam Cole defeated Wolfgang @ 10:15 via pin [***]
– Aleister Black and Ricochet defeated EC3 and The Velveteen Dream @ 15:55 via pin [***½]
NXT Women’s Title Match: Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Toni Storm @ 12:18 via countout [***½]
WWE UK Title Match: Champion Pete Dunne defeated Zack Gibson @ 17:55 via pin [****¼]

My latest appearance on Sunday Night’s Main Event

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Mauro Ranallo & Nigel McGuinness are on commentary.

NXT Tag Team Title Match: NXT Tag Team Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Tyler Bate & Trent Seven: These four were part of a great trios match on yesterday’s show. Roddy and Bate begin. They work into some back and forthwith Bate hitting a dropkick. Seven tags in but so does O’Reilly. O’Reilly lays in leg kicks and tags in Roddy. Seven fires back with chops and bate tags in with a rolling senton. Mustache Mountain work double teams and take control. They double team Roddy until Seven is dumped to the floor. O’Reilly tags in and grounds the action, attacking the arm. Knee strikes follow and the cover gets 2. Roddy tags back in and lays in chops as O’Reilly joins in for double teams. O’Reilly keeps things grounded, Seven fires back and dumps Roddy but Roddy pulls him to the floor. Back in and Seven dumps O’Reilly but O’Reilly pulls Bate to the floor and cuts off the hot tag. The champions maintain control, O’Reilly lays in kicks, but Seven cuts him off with a DDT. Tag to Bate and he runs wild on Roddy and the XPLODER follows and the running shooting star press gets 2. Bate airplane spine Roddy and then O’Reilly, but O’Reilly gets a choke. Bate escapes, O’Reilly gets it again but Bate grabs Roddy and hits a German and uses that to escape the choke. Tag to Seven, Roddy runs him into Bate and Roddy tags in O’Reilly. The PK gets 2. Roddy back in and O’Reilly accidentally hits him and bate tags in, and the lariat/Dragon suplex combo on O’Reilly gets 2 as Roddy makes the save. It breaks down and O’Reilly lays in kicks and strikes to Bate. The brainbuster gets 2 for a great near fall. Roddy is back in and the high/low connects as Seven makes the save. Roddy accidentally takes out O’Reilly, Bate then hits a tope as Seven hits the seven star lariat. The knee strike burning hammer combo connects and MY GOD THE LADS FROM MUSTACHE MOUNTAIN DID IT! Tyler Bate & Trent Seven defeated Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly to become new champions @ 11:50 via pin [****] This was a great and smartly worked tag match, with a hot crowd, great near falls, and the new champions picking up the win to create a great moment. They work together effortlessly, and it’s a blast to watch. I want more from Undisputed Era & BSS going forward.

Charlie Morgan vs. Killer Kelly: They lock up and work to the corner. Lock up again and Morgan looks to work the arm, but Kelly counters out. Morgan counters back, hits an arm drag, gets a take down and they trade pin attempts. They kip up and into a stand off. Morgan hits a springboard high cross for 2. She follows with uppercuts, but Kelly hits a snap suplex for 2. Kelley lays the boots to Morgan, and locks on a Romero special into the dragon sleeper, bending Morgan in half. Morgan escapes, but Kelly kicks her to the floor. She follows and hits an apron PK. Kelly rolls Morgan back in and covers for 2. Kelly lays in ground and pound, but Morgan pops up with a superkick and springboard senton attack for 2. Kelly counters back with a German, and hits the corner dropkick and covers for 2. Kelly looks for another German, but Morgan counters out into a sloppy cradle for 2. Morgan then counters a suplex into a roll up for the win. Charlie Morgan defeated Killer Kelly @ 7:05 via pin [**½] This was a solid back and forth match, they worked hard, but it lacked a real sense of urgency and the crowd was dead.

UK Title #1 Contender’s Match: Noam Dar vs. Flash Morgan Webster vs. Travis Banks vs. Mark Andrews: Johnny Saint arrives and Noam Dar (who looks to be in really good shape) is revealed as the mystery 4th competitor; he’s been out with a knee injury for 6-months. Banks still has his shoulder taped up from yesterday’s punishment. They all brawl at the bell, and Dar attacks the arm of Banks. Webster cuts him off and Andrews rolls him up for 2. The standing moonsault gets 2. Banks now works over Dar and takes him to the floor. The suicide dive follows, and Webster now connects with a RANA on Banks, who is now favoring his shoulder. Andrews now follows with a moonsault to wipe out the pile. Back in and Andrews works over Webster and Banks, but Dar breaks up the in attempt. Andrews cuts him off but Banks flies in with a double stomp, taking out Webster & Andrews, covering for 2.Banks fires up with corner attacks, but Dar rolls him up for 2. Dar attacks the injured arm, Andrews takes out Banks but Webster hits a running knee strike as it breaks down and everyone is down. Andrews and Webster battle, they head up top and Webster hits a RANA, Andrews land son his feet and hits a snap reverse RANA for 2. Dar in and trades kicks with Andrews, and then locks on a knee bar. Banks in and locks on a crossface on Andrews, fights off Dar but Webster in and stops Andrews from tapping and lays in strikes on Banks. Banks hits slice of heaven on Webster, and Andrews hits him with stundog millionaire. He then misses the shooting star press and Dar cuts off Banks, attacking the arm and hits the running kick and puts Banks away, Noam Dar defeated Flash Morgan Webster, Travis Banks, and Mark Andrews @ 9:00 via pin [***½] Noam Dar makes the surprise return, and follows up with a big win in a very good and fun match with a great layout and strong pacing that allowed everyone to shine.

– In a follow up from last night, Joe & Mark Coffey attack Banks post match and lay out Andrews as Dar bails and watches on.

NXT North American Title Match: Champion Adam Cole vs. Wolfgang: Wolfgang overpowers Cole to begin. Cole battles back, but Wolfgang drops him with a forearm strike. Cole fires back with rights and hits a neck breaker for 2. Cole lays the boots to Wolfgang, and hits another neck breaker for 2. Wolfgang cuts off Cole and hits a running gut buster for 2. Wolfgang now lays in strikes in the corner, takes Cole down repeatedly, but Cole slips to the apron. Wolfgang knocks him to the mat, goes to follow but Cole cuts him off with an enziguri. Cole heads up top and jumps into a gut buster by Wolfgang. Wolfgang lays the boots to him, attacking the ribs, and then repeatedly whips Cole to the buckles. Wolfgang heads up top now, but jumps off into a superkick. Cole follows with rights, and clotheslines. Wolfgang is down. Cole misses an enziguri, but manages a back stabber for 2. Wolfgang fires back, laying in elbows, but Cole catches him with an enziguri and the ushigoroshi connects for 2. Wolfgang hits a slam and then misses the springboard moonsault. Cole hits running kicks but Wolfgang hits a desperation lariat. Wolfgang heads up top, and the swanton eats knees. Cole hits the last shot and running knee strike for the win. Champion Adam Cole defeated Wolfgang @ 10:15 via pin [***] This was an overall good match, with nice work from both guys but it really lacked in the drama department as they never made me believe that Wolfgang could win.

– Mustache Mountain cut a promo about winning the NXT tag team titles.

Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. EC3 and The Velveteen Dream: Nigel puts over that a pin or submission of Black could led to a title shot for Dream or EC3. It’s those little things that I appreciate. Dream and Ricochet start us off. Dream wants Black and Black tags in. Dream tags out to EC3. They lock up and Black counters EC3 and sits down and plays mind games. EC3 is puzzled, tries to attack but Black immediately takes control and Dream tags in and they work quick tags but Black bails and Ricochet flies in with a high cross on Dream and hits a head scissors and dropkick on EC3. Superhero pose. Ricochet dropkicks Dream to the floor and he and Black take a seat and wait on Dream & EC3. Dream cuts off Ricochet and pulls him to the floor. EC3 follows and slams him to the barricade and then the apron. Back in and Dream takes control, laying in corner strikes. Dream dumps him and heads up top and then drops down for the fake out. EC3 rolls Ricochet back in and hits a suplex for 2. He now grounds the action, Ricochet escapes, hits a dropkick and Dream distracts the ref with a chair and he misses the tag to Black. Dream back in and they double team Ricochet. Dream hits a neck breaker for 2 and tags in EC3. Quick tags follow as they isolate Ricochet, but Ricochet fires back with kicks and takes both down. Tag to Black and he runs wild on Dream and hits a moonsault press on both opponents for 2. Dream then cuts him off with a spinebuster, heads up top and slips off the ropes as EC3 grabbed the ropes, Dream is pissed. EC3 hits a lariat on Black, covering for 2. EC3 tags in Dream, they double team Black as EC3 hits the one percenter and Dream covers for 2 as Ricochet makes the save. It breaks down and all four are now down. Ricochet now follows with a tope to the floor, but back in Dream DDTs Black for a great near fall. Ricochet tags in and cradles Dream for 2. Dream then rolls him up for 2. Dream hits the rolling DVD and tags in EC3. Ricochet counters the TKO and hits the standing shooting star press for 2. EC3 counters back and hits the reverse DDT driver for 2. Dream now acts hurt and bails on EC3. Black drops EC3 with Black mass and pins him. Aleister Black and Ricochet defeated EC3 and The Velveteen Dream @ 15:55 via pin [***½] This was an overall very good and fun back and forth tag match, EC3 loses nothing in loss as Dream bailed on him. This was a blast with everyone doing their thing and delivering another quality match.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Champion Shayna Baszler vs. Toni Storm: Toni defeated Baszler early in Baszler’s career while competing in Japan. Baszler immediately shoots in on Toni, but Toni stops the takedown, but Baszler gets a side headlock. Toni escapes into a head scissors, but Baszler counters back to the side headlock. Toni slips out and Toni then decides to ground things, Baszler quickly counters out and to her feet. They work to the ropes, and then Baszler lays in some leg kicks and Toni fires back with a kick, Baszler to the floor and Toni follows with a suicide dive. She follows with uppercuts, and then lays the boots to Baszler. Baszler fights back and slams Toni to the floor. Back in and Baszler starts toying with Toni, chop blocks her and follows with a running knee strike for 2. Baszler follows with ground and pound, and starts working the knee. She then viciously stomps away at the ankle, and then attacks the leg in the ropes, Toni’s selling is really good here. Baszler looks for an Irish whip but Toni collapses. Baszler keeps attacking, but Toni hits a desperation German, struggles to her feet and hits a limping ass attack. She slowly heads up top, Baszler cuts her off and follows her up top and hits a super gut wrench suplex for 2. Baszler with more ground and pound and pulls a knee bar. Toni fires up with strikes and escapes, but Baszler back to the leg but Toni hits a head butt. Toni hits Storm zero, but is slow to cover due to the leg, and when she does, only gets 2. Baszler fires back hits the running knee strike, but only gets 2. Toni counters the choke into the European clutch, but Baszler escapes and locks in the choke and Toni fades but fires up and makes the ropes. Toni tumbles to the floor, Baszler follows and lock in the choke again. Toni gets counted out. Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Toni Storm @ 12:18 via countout [***½] This was another very good match, with Toni putting in really tremendous babyface performance with really great selling that made you believe she was badly injured and was clearly protected in loss. Toni is a treasure. Baszler was really great in her heel role here with great control segments, and showing frustration in the end, resorting to the clutch on the floor, leading to the countout finish, which I didn’t mind at all as it showed the champion’s frustration and even desperation due to Toni’s resilience. I’m all in on a rematch down the line.

– Post match, Baszler chokes out Toni once again.

WWE UK Title Match: Champion Pete Dunne vs. Zack Gibson: They lock up and both men look to attack the arm, but Dianne takes him down and jams the fingers to the mat. Gibson now looks to attack the arm, but Dunne escapes and hits a clothesline. They brawl to the apron, Dunne hits a PK to the arm but Gibson trips him up and slams him shoulder first to the barricade, starting the build to Shankly gates. Back in and Gibson hits a belly to back suplex and follows with ground and pound. Gibson keeps things grounded, continuing to attack the arm. Dunne fires up, slaps Gibson but Gibson takes him down and keeps control. Dunne hits a desperation head butt and a huge forearm strike, taking Gibson down. The enziguri and x-plex connect for 2. Dunne counters the German and land a head kick. The hanging kimura follows, Gibson escapes but Dunne hits a double stomp to the face. Gibson to the floor and Dunne heads to the ropes and follows with a moonsault into an inverted DDT. Dunne then attacks the leg, but Gibson counters out and slams him shoulder first into the steps. Dunne fights off helter skelter and hits the x-plex onto the ramp. They beat the count back in and Dunne pulls up Gibson by the ear, but Gibson cuts him off and lays in corner strikes. Just beats Dunne down and Dunne fires up. Dunne goes crazy fists, but Gibson hits ticket to ride. They trade lariats and both men are down. They trade head butts center ring, battling like rams and both men drop to the mat. Dunne fights back, hits a German and the bitter end for a great near fall! Gibson hits an enziguri and ticket to ride of off the ropes for a near fall, he transitions into Shankly gates but Dunne makes the ropes. Gibson climbs the ropes, Dunne fires back with strikes and follows him up top but Gibson hits a super helter skelter and back to Shankly gates. The crowd rallies Dunne, but Gibson has him trapped center ring but Dunne digs deep and makes the ropes. Gibson now lays the boots to Dunne, monologues a bit and lap Dunne around. Dunne grabs his hand and snaps the fingers! Dunne then catches Gibson with a huge right and the bitter end finally finishes Gibson. Champion Pete Dunne defeated Zack Gibson @ 17:55 via pin [****¼] This was a great main event that was a success thanks to the build from night one. Dunne was going to be over as the babyface, but they locked that in with yesterday’s BSS trios match. On the other side, Gibson was put over well as the hated heel with a submission that took out three men in one night. The work on night one was essential to create the dynamic we had here, which was the popular UK champion (who can be very devious when needed) put into position he’s not used to, having to fight from behind and overcome. He did very well in the role reversal due to Gibson being built up so strongly, and to his credit, Gibson again stepped up and in two days, became a viable star for the brand. This was simply great work from both men.

– Papa Paul, Johnny Saint, and the locker room arrive to congratulate Dunne. Papa Paul then says that this is the UK’s time and that this is the future of the UK and their brand.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Night two of the 2018 WWE UK Title Tournament was another very good, strong and consistent show. It had a nice mix of WWE UK & NXT stars, a surprise title change to Mustache Mountain, a surprise return in Noam Dar, a lot of fun and a great main event that sets up Gibson as the lead heel of the UK brand after his performances. Thee two shows were a blast and get a big recommendation from me.