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Former Nexus Members Ryback, Fred Rosser, and Justin Roberts Comment on 10th Anniversary of Group’s Formation

June 7, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE The Nexus, Fred Rosser, Darren Young

As previously noted, today marked the debut of the Nexus stable 10 years ago. The former leader of the group Stu Bennett (aka former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett), recently shared his thoughts on the anniversary. Additionally, former members Fred Rosser (aka Darren Young), Ryback (aka Skip Sheffield in the stable), and Justin Roberts also shared tweets in response of the stable’s anniversary.

Fred Rosser tweeted, “10 years ago today: June 7th 2010. Today is the 10 yr anniversary of the Nexus faction debuting. Crazy to believe 10 years later we’re all still on text thread & I’m very guilty of sending disturbing memes every once in a while. You’re either NEXUS or you’re against us.”

Ryback praised the stable, writing, “Good memories and all fantastic guys. #Nexus” You can view their tweets below: