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Impact Wrestling Reportedly Lost More Than Just Kevin Sullivan to AEW, Entire Outsourced Production Staff Raided in ‘Crippling’ Move

September 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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As previously reported earlier this week, Impact Wrestling VP of Production Kevin Sullivan (not to be confused with former WCW wrestler and booker Kevin Sullivan) parted ways with the company and is reportedly signing with AEW. According to a new report by Brad Davis and SEScoops.com, AEW actually “raided” the production team of Impact, and the promotion lost more than just a VP of Production. The new report indicates that Impact actually lost all the production services for Sullivan’s KevinSully TV (KSTV), which are now going to go to AEW after KSTV failed to secure a new, long-term contract with Anthem Media.

Previously, Impact had been outsourcing a lot of its production work through KSTV in Nasheville. However, KSTV recently signed a new contract over the weekend with AEW to work directly through lead AEW producer Keith Mitchell. Per the report, this has caused a scrambling within Impact Wrestling due to the “mass exodus” for the promotion’s production division. Impact was said to have been blindsided by KSTV parting ways with the promotion. What caused the split with KSTV was that KSTV failed to secure a longterm contract with Impact’s parent company, Anthem Media, to provide some stability. The contract never materialized and left the door open for AEW to sign a new deal with KSTV.

While the initial report made it seem like only Kevin Sullivan and a “select few” were leaving Impact for AEW, what this actually means is that Impact is losing the services of editors, graphic artists, sound engineers, video producers, voice-over studios and more. Additional work KSTV reportedly provided for Impact Wrestling was assembling weekly programming for domestic and international distribution.

Since the news was reported, Impact has hired a local producer in Tennessee to handle the production work normally handled by several people, and Impact is looking to regroup.

A SESCoops source called this play a “huge strategic move” by AEW and claimed it was “crippling” to Impact Wrestling ahead of the company’s recently announced move to AXS TV, which is slated to start with some upcoming specials on Oct. 1. This will be followed by the weekly TV debut of Impact Wrestling on October 29.

Ironically enough, Anthem and Impact losing the production services handled by Kevin Sullivan and KSTV comes after Anthem Media shuttered the Dallas and Colorado offices for AXS TV after Anthem acquired a controlling interest in the network. This included Anthem Media laying off a great number of their production staff. Based on this latest report, Impact appears to be in strong need of new production staffers.

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