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Jimmy Korderas Recalls Refereeing Infamous Match Between The Acolytes & Public Enemy

September 28, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Acolytes Public Enemy Image Credit: WWE/Peacock

WrestlingInc.com’s Nick Hausman recently spoke to former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas, who spoke about an infamous matchup and incident involving The Acolytes (Farooq and Bradshaw) vs. Public Enemy on a March 1999 episode of Sunday Night Heat. According to Korderas, Public Enemy said before the match that they weren’t going to go along with the initially planned finish.

Korderas said about the incident, “Ron says to John, ‘What’d he say?’ He said, ‘They’re not doing the finish,’ and Ron said, ‘Oh, they ain’t going to do the finish? We’ll see about that.'”

After the start of the match, Bradshaw (aka JBL) went after Public Enemy’s Johnny Grunge with a chair. Meanwhile, Farooq (aka Ron Simmons) started hitting Rocco Rock with the steel ring steps. Korderas then started receiving instructions over his earpiece to call off the match.

Korderas continued, “So after a few minutes of this pummeling, I get a note from Gerald Brisco in my earpiece. ‘Jimmy, you may want to ring the bell and end this thing anytime soon.’ So I just throw the match out. I ring the bell, I throw the match out, but that didn’t stop them from continuing.”

The bell sounded, but The Acolytes continued their beatdown of Public Enemy. Korderas said there was not any flack on The Acolytes for what took place with the matchup. Public Enemy are said to have thanked JBL and Simmons after returning to the back. They never returned to WWE again after this matchup.

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