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The Gaming Rs: Game of the Year 2017 Awards, More

December 10, 2017 | Posted by Stewart Lange
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of the Gaming Rs! It’s been an extremely quick week and to be honest, I almost forgot all about the deadline on this. My days are muddled, I’m shattered from going to see Mastodon last night and I really want to curl up in my bed and play Rocket League. But, here I am, punctual as always ready to give you the Right, wRong and Ridiculous of the 2017 Game Awards. I’m not going to run down all the details and stuff, long story short Breath of The Wild is the best game of the year, apparently. I wish I could have got into it, but couldn’t. Maybe now I’m more used to using my Switch I’ll try it again. Anyway, let’s just batter right into it, before I lose the will to live.

Reader Feedback:

Last week, I talked about a new Deus Ex, a new Playground Games project and the extremely old news of Mad Catz closing their doors. First up we have my main man…

Crackhead_Bob: I was actually a bit disappointed that Mad Catz closed. In recent years they’ve actually been producing very decent 3rd party controllers that were light years ahead of the garbage quality controllers they were putting out in earlier days. I actually still have a few of their old PS2 controllers laying around and they were truly horrendous. I remember the analog sticks began to drift on them within weeks of plugging them in for the first time. Playing Need for Speed Undeground sure became a lot more challenging with your car constantly pulling to the right.

Haha, you’re not wrong. My first knowledge of them was my Sega Saturn controller that had “turbo” buttons that did… maybe something? I can’t say I know what it did at all. I also had one that had switches on it, with no indication of what the switches were for. They changed nothing.

I8mypants: have to agree with Gil. (last week Gil said WWE accelerator was a decent use of DLC, I agreed.)

while most of the DLC/fees for content is BS, the WWE Accelerator option is a great use for it. because while i would like to earn all the characters, i just don’t have the damn time. a small fee to unlock everything that would take days/weeks to get on my own is pretty sweet and i never regret my purchase when doing that with the WWE2K games.

can’t say the same for the characters they withhold for profit, but what can you do?

Yeah, it’s somehow different. I don’t get angry about it at all because they aren’t unattainable, it’s just good to be able to use all the wrestlers. As for the profit characters, the pre-order only ones are a pain but when they’re like the Terminator I don’t mind. They weren’t stopping me getting Kurt this year, though.

Sdelfin: I can’t vouch for everything Mad Catz made in more recent years, but I did acquire a couple of their fight sticks which were rather good. But their reputation for quality issues was well earned in years prior. As I understand it, it was branching out into game publishing(a Rock Band revival, I think) and TV boxes is what led to them going under. I got their Mad Catz MOJO box when it was heavily discounted. It was a terrible consumer product(the software wasn’t ready for the masses), but a great buy at the discounted price for someone who didn’t mind tinkering with it.

I had to look up a MOJO box. Just, wow. At least you found a use for something they made. You’ve won at life.

That’s all, if you like this section then be sure to leave a comment below, I like reading them. Before that, though, let’s Right some wRongs!

The Right:

So, it would seem that Nintendo has basically won 2017. With Breath of The Wild winning Game of The Year and the fact it’s likely to win that award from a hell of a lot more places, the Switch is absolutely smashing it. Not only does it have two absolute cert Game of the Year contenders in Zelda as well as the wonderful Super Mario Odyssey, but there are even more big announcements that absolutely shocked and wowed everyone watching. Not only are we getting Bayonetta 3, but the first two are being re-released for the Switch as well. I for one cannot wait for that as I loved the first game and skipped the second due to not having a Wii:U. In fact, the first one was so well received I’m actually seeing people on Twitter who are tempted to get a Switch now because they’ll be buying it for two games instead of just Bayonetta 3. That’s some really good use of a third party exclusive, maybe the biggest that Nintendo have. They also announced that the newest DLC for Breath of the Wild would be available. Immediately. The Champions Ballad has a motorcycle in it so if you loved Zelda, then I’ve probably said enough to have excited you about it. Or, you’re not actually reading this because you’re playing it already. Either way, that’s a couple of absolutely huge announcements. This console war has really gotten interesting because I think even the most die-hard Nintendo fan couldn’t have pictured the Switch doing quite as well as it has so far. I’m still trying to get over Rocket League and Skyrim.

The wRong:

Okay, I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and I want to promise everyone I’m not trying to “Watry” any of you guys here. I’m never going to play a character or say anything purely for clicks and comments. But I feel like I am a little when I say that I actually don’t like any Hideo Kojima games. Like I’m dreadful at stealth games so my not enjoying Metal Gear Solid is more down to it not being my kind of game, rather than me thinking it sucked. I do, however think that Zone of the Enders sucked. Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus (one of the Boondock Saints. He’s not been in anything relevant since) joined forces for the Silent Hill game that never saw the light of day, other than the P.T (Playable Trailer) release that featured 0% Reedus but was absolutely fucking downright terrifying. The two are obviously very much enamoured with one another, as they are back together working on a game called Death Stranding. It’s trailer looked very sci-fi, with Reedus actually involved and a whole manner of creepy looking stuff going on, but the reason that this gets this week’s wRong award is that I bet you a hundred of your local currency (Yen, hopefully although also, this isn’t a real bet) that this game doesn’t see the light of day. A great trailer or concept to wow an audience is one thing, but what is this game going to be? We’ll never know. Because it won’t happen. It’s all wRong, folks. Also I don’t think that’s Psycho Mantis either.

The Rest:

It’s not ridiculous this week! I promise next time there will be something ridiculous for you all. I figured since this was a round up of stuff from the Game of the Year awards that I should summarise everything else exciting that happened. Did I mention Bayonetta 3 is coming out? Playerunknown Battlegrounds is getting a new map. I was sure it said Myanmar, but it didn’t. Probably for the best (youngsters should Google that, it’s not a bad wee joke actually). It’s coming out next week for Xbox One so the hype is very real. The closest to ridiculous I could give you is co-op prison game A Break Out got a little bit more detailed but it’s director seemed really, really excited about it. Like, more excited than anyone else is for his game. Tom Cruise loves Katie Holmes excited. It might be fun but mate, calm all the way down. There’s also exciting news and a fairly amusing trailer for Witchfire, which states it’s from the makers of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter- but also Bulletstorm- before all hell breaks loose. It looks fun.

There was plenty more, but I can only really end on one note. Soul Calibur VI is coming. Soon. Get hyped. That’s all for this week though, folks and until I see you again… Don’t be a dick!