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411’s Impact Wrestling Report 3.30.17

March 30, 2017 | Posted by Aaron Scott

Hello and welcome everyone to your Impact Wrestling Report right here on 411mania. My name is Aaron and we are in the middle of the latest set of Impact tapings.

The new TNA World Tag Team Champions will be decided as Reno Scum, LAX, Decay and Laredo Kid & Garza Jr will do battle in the six sided ring. As Broken Matt and Brother Nero have transmogrified themselves into the Champions of Space and Time, Decay will not be recognized as Champions and we will have a winner tonight.

What is next for EC3? Rosemary promises a “Knockouts Burial” and Cody challenges Moose for the Impact Grand Championship. Leave your review in the comments section. Your card is subject to change, match times are not exact, let’s get to it.

Karen Jarrett makes her way down to the ring. She calls out Sienna and tells her she doesn’t get to be a bully anymore. They argue and Karen demands an apology.

Kevin Matthews comes in and screams at Karen and threatens her. He demands an apology and begins a count. Braxton and Allie rush down, we have a brawl. Karen yells and we have a singles match tonight.

DJZ vs Andrew Everett

DJZ and Everett trade shots and throw each other around the ring. They are back inside the ring after a toss from Z, taunt and kick, forearms, Andrew up and over Pele from Andrew.

Moonsault off the top into the jaw. DJZ tries to get the ZDT and he gets taken over into the rollup and Andrew gets the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Andrew Everett at 4:29, Rollup

Shane Helms & Trevor Lee come out and Shane mocks Everett saying one win doesn’t mean anything.

Knockout’s Burial

JB calls out Rosemary.

He questions who is left for her to defeat. She says she is the greatest. She dashed Sienna, Jade, Brandi, she tells everyone to stay away or they will Decay!

ODB comes out. She says she is four time Knocked Up Champ. One of the originals. Rosemary wouldn’t be standing in the ring if it wasn’t for girls like her. Cheers to you, but soon she will be cheersin to herself.

Rosemary says the hive doesn’t agree. She goes to leave and the division walks out to chase her into the ring. Madison tells Borash to shut up and demands the title shot. Brandi says the mind games didn’t work. Diamante says she came to fight. We have a pier six brawl.

Josh yells and says Borash involved his foot at ringside and they argue incessantly. EC3 makes his way out towards the ring and Josh challenges him to coach a team vs team match. JB says terrible idea.

EC3 says he is here to apologize. He was undefeated. He was the best. He was Champion twice. That puts him on Lashley’s level. He promises to be a three time champ.

James Storm walks out and demands he be listed too. Storm says he was on the first pay per view. They talk about Elix Skipper and where was Carter? During AMW? Carter says he was drinking beer too.

James says he deserves a last go. Carter says it’s up to the fans. They run around the ring and yell to the fans. They say the fans are going to make the right call. The fans will decide who challenges Lashley.

Reno Scum say people are gonna stop throwing garbage at them. Good luck.

Cody and Moose promo from above.

Moose vs Cody

Grand Championship Title Match

Round 1:

Moose runs Cody into the ropes. Chops and headbutt. He runs into a knee, Cody taunts and runs into a Pop Up, senton and a Mooseault. Cover no.

They brawl on the floor, Moose chops the post and Cody superkicks a judge in the ribs!

Hangman’s DDT on Moose!

Judges: 10, 9, 10 Moose

Round 2:

Dropkick to the knee by Cody. Cody hits the short arm lariat on Moose. Cover, no.

Knee and elbow, missed the kick, schoolboy pickup powerbomb no Moose sent over, Cody off the top double jump and caught GO TO HELL on the apron!

Cody no Moose has the chair, Cody pulls Brandi in the way, kicks Moose and Cody gets the Figure 4 on Moose. Bell saves.

Judges: 9, 10, 10 Cody

Brandi slaps Cody and walks out!

We go to clubberin, bicycle kick from Cody as Josh threatens divorce. Kick and Goldust punch from the mat. Moose hits the discus and Moose punches, misses the Game Changer and eats a Disaster Kick!

Both crawl up, trading shots from the mat, they roll around punching and both are down. Bell rings during the slugfest.

Judges: Split Decision – Moose

OFFICIAL RESULT: Moose in three rounds, Split Decision

Karen comes out and JB says a Knockouts Battle Royal next week to determine a No 1 contender.

Braxton Sutter vs KM

They brawl and KM goes for a powerbomb but Braxton almost gets a sunset. Dropkick from KM.

Sienna chases Allie into the ring, she crawls under KM. Sutter hits the powerslam and kick!

Sienna has Allie and Sutter is distracted, KM with the Ego Driver, a powerbomb onto his knees and it’s over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: KM at 3:33, Ego Driver

LAX vs Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. vs Decay vs Reno Scum

World Tag Titles Match

Everyone brawls as anyone can tag in anyone. Kid and Reno Scum start off, they run around, ranas and slams exchanged. Santana goes against Abyss, everyone in and fight to the floor, Garza ans Laredo Kid leap onto everyone.

Garza and Kid do double jumps until LAX manage a Doomsday Legdrop across the knee.

Abyss hits the Ho Train, Steve in and does not get his covers. LAX dominate to eliminate Reno Scum and Street Sweeper on Abyss. Double Stomp neckbreaker on Steve, Rosemary in and takes a spear from Diamante!

Somersault neckbreaker from a powerbomb and LAX are your new tag team champions. Vaya con dios space cowboys.

OFFICIAL RESULT: LAX at 12:08, Powerbomb/Diamond Dust