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Bollywood Boyz’ Gurv Sihra On Working With Triple H, Being In Cruiserweight Classic

May 20, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Bollywood Boyz Image Credit: WWE

Gurv Sihra of the Bollywood Boyz recently weighed in on his time in WWE, including working with Triple H and being in the Cruiserweight Classic. Sihra spoke with Wrestling Inc and you can see some highlights below:

On being part of the Cruiserweight Classic: “I think at that time we were just so thankful just to be at the Performance Center, or at Full Sail that we didn’t ask any questions, just did our business. I think as we showed what we could do that week, we went back home after the first set of tapings. Because we were both eliminated in the first round. I remember Canyon Ceman, who worked for NXT at that time. He emailed saying we caught Hunter’s eye in a very good way. He liked what he saw as far as what we brought. They wanted to bring us in for dark matches, NXT tapings, which was awesome. We knew, ‘okay we are onto something now,’ because a lot of people got eliminated from the tournament who were never seen again, and we were brought back in.”

On working with Triple H: “It was awesome for us, especially at that time coming into the CWC and doing the 205 Live show. If it wasn’t for Hunter’s vision of 205 Live or the CWC, I don’t know if we would ever have had jobs, that was our opening. They say everything happens for a reason. For us, Harv and I, the reason the 205 Live show started was to get that opportunity to go to CWC, and see what happens for us.

“Working with Hunter himself, he was always appreciative of everything everyone was doing. As far as what everyone brought to the table for that tournament. We all had different styles, everyone is coming from different backgrounds and different countries. He just told us, ‘go out there and be yourself.’ I remember when we were rehearsing our Bollywood entrances, he popped for it.”

On WWE focusing on athletes instead of independent stars: “I mean from what I’ve seen on their product it’s a lot of younger talent. From what I am seeing, wrestlers in their mid-20s, if that. I believe they’re starting a new recruiting program where they’re hiring college athletes from what I understand. So, it’s a totally different mindset from like a year ago. Like you said where it was full of independent wrestlers.

“What they’re doing is great for the product now, it’s a little different. Obviously with the presentation, and the color scheme and everything that’s involved. But this business is all about bringing in the younger and newer talent, you’ve got to eventually just keep bringing in new talent, and see who clicks and who doesn’t’. Big fan of Bron Breakker, I love what he’s doing, I think he’s got the intensity to be a major star, and he already is, he’s accomplished so much in less than a year. He’s one of those guys that you’ll be like, 10 years from now if he can keep doing what he’s doing, he can be a major player. Not only in WWE, but in pro wrestling in general.”