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Tammy Sytch Claims She Owned Car Involved in Fatal Crash, Police Records Say Otherwise

April 26, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sunny Tammy Sytch WWE Image Credit: WWE

Tammy Sytch’s latest public comments about the fatal car accident she was involved with last month involve the ownership of the car she was driving. As you may know, the WWE Hall of Famer was involved in a car crash in Florida on March 25 that resulted in the death of Julian Lafrancis Lasseter after his car was struck by the one Sytch weas driving, causing him to hit another car in front of him. Lasseter was transported to the hospital and died there.

Sytch took to Twitter on Monday to allege that the car she was driving is hers and not her boyfriend James F. Pente’s, writing:

“Ok enough. Stop this shit now. This man is the most caring man I’ve ever known. He puts me FIRST before him. It was MY car in the accident. Not his. So cut the crap. Enough already. Nothing you all say is gonna break us up so just give it a rest. Buh bye”

However, PWInsider reports that the police report of the incident lists Pente as the owner of the Mercedes that Sytch was driving when the accident occurred. Sytch has notaby had issues in the past regarding driving with a suspended and revoked license, including an arrest in February in New Jersey where she was charged with 11 offenses including Operating under the influence of liquor or drug, Driving after Driver’s License/Registration suspended/revoked, Careless Driving – likely to endanger person or property, Reckless Driving, Failure to wear seat equipment – responsibility of driver, Driving without a license, Failure to possess a driver’s license, Failure to possess driving registration, Failure to possess an insurance card, Failure to install interlock or drive a car without an interlock, and Operating a motor vehicle during a license suspension – second violation. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has a hearing set for May 26th in New Jersey.

Sytch and Pente are being sued by Lasseter’s estate over the accident. The lawsuit alleges that Sytch was “intoxicated” and operating a motor vehicle owned by Pente when she crashed into Lasseter’s car. The Ormand Beach Police Department is still investigating the crash, noting that:

“We have received part of the toxicology report. If charges are filed they will not be until the investigation is completed. We will update the press release once a decision is reached.”

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